LenderScores.com provides home buyers and those seeking to refinance their homes with unmatched, innovative, and essential insights into mortgage lenders in their area using data submitted annually by those mortgage lenders.

Although the data submitted by mortgage lenders is gathered for the benefit of borrowers, most borrowers are unaware of this data and have never had direct, meaningful access to this data – until now.

LenderScores converts billions of data points from approximately 8,000 mortgage lenders into a series of easy-to-understand scores so you can compare the lenders in your area and make an informed decision in selecting the lender that best meets your needs.

LenderScores Benefits

LenderScores provides borrowers and lenders with key benefits including:

  • Insight into whether or not a lender’s published rates and costs are competitive.
  • Insight into whether a lender’s application and approval processes are efficient and effective.
  • Recognition of – and rewarding – “best-in-market” lenders.

Finally, you can take a closer look at lenders before letting them take a look at you. It’s about time!